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6/25/2013 9:12pm,

I went to one of their affiliate classes last night At Temple Dogz MMA in Glendenning NSW,

The instructor for this class was a 2nd degree the head instructor is a 9th degree,

We did a warm up drill for at least 10 mins a lot of wrist rotations drawing X', simulating playing drums etc with the sticks, shoulder rotations, then did a basic open and chambered 6 count to warm up.

although I have done Kali in JKD (Inosanto, Lamenco) I stuck with the beginners as there was a few differences I noticed, We went through a 12 basic hits with a partner well controlled and the instructor was very accommodating until everyone was on par,

We then did the Blocks that correspond with the 12 angles, and then counters, The difference lies in the "live hand" placement and after a bit I got used to the change, They explained to me that as they teach the basics and in close for the shear fact that they do full contact stick sparring and a lot of the more "Flowery" movements I knew would not work in close proximity in a full out fight,

I did agree with this when shown the reason. we moved on to a few empty hand drills that correspond with the warm up basic 6 count we used translated into empty hands. we were allowed to add strikes in between as we saw fit.

we then moved onto empty hand vs. single stick disarms again a bit different to the vine, snake disarms I previously knew but again a good explanation and leading again to the difference in range.

we then warmed down with Hubud using the punyal in an over emphasized manner using the hips and shoulders to stretch and move.

All in all excellent class, very understanding and attention to detail was one of the best I have seen, was a small class of 8 that night but it felt more one on one. I have been to small classes of other styles before where you felt abandoned.

Classes during the week show you the tools, Saturdays they have a 2 hour window of full contact sparring, Headgear, Groin and knee pads with padded stick or head gear, chest guard, arm guards, knee thigh guards, hand protectors balls out rattan stick fighting.

Worth looking them up on you tube a few sparring videos online

Chili Pepper
6/25/2013 9:29pm,
You really need to read the stickies about what the parameters are for each category. There's nothing in your review that suggests any of those ratings are correct.

6/25/2013 9:43pm,
I took the common sence approach... Its Kali your not going to practise the 12 angles of attack by hitting each other..
The score for that are based on the fact that two hours a week they do full contact stick sparring.
Striking/Aliveness/Weapons Instruction? yes in stick fighting, contact yes full contact stick sparring,
size of the gym correct in an industrial area, Fully equipped check,