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6/10/2013 8:40am,

Self discipline is the foundation for any success, whether you're born with natural talent or not. Self discipline is the vector for greatness. It is the difference between the Human mind that can envision and implement long-term goals; and the mind of an animal that seeks only to fulfill immediate, baseline needs and desires.

Nietzche wrote at length on the difference between "Master" morality, and "Slave" morality. But on a larger scale, in the hierarchy of life on this planet, Humans are the masters and animals are the slaves. This isn't a moral judgment on the state of things, just a statement of fact. So why the **** would any creature who had the option to be a Human, allow themselves to be limited by their animal nature?

If you find yourself avoiding effort, seeking temporary comfort at the sacrifice of eventual greatness, then you're no different than any other animal, save for the potential you're wasting.


Obey yourself, or you'll end up obeying someone else.

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Friedrich is a boss.

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Tranquil Suit
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How inspiring.

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Isn't the ability for self motivation and the ability to deny oneself immediate gratification also a born talent? some find it easy to practice self discipline and some find it extremely hard. I think such traits are born in us, and though you can fight against it, and improve it, it is not a simple choice.
If you find it "easy" to exercise self discipline, than you are talented in that way.

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There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach 'ya 'bout the raising of the wrist...

Eddie Hardon
6/10/2013 1:16pm,
Is the Sprite advert, intentional irony?

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If I am an undisciplined person by nature, who then reads Nietzche and tries to be driven and ambitious in a way consistent with Nietzche's view, am I now obeying myself or Nietzche?

6/10/2013 6:53pm,
Is the Sprite advert, intentional irony?

It's an intentional reference. If you don't obey yourself, you're going to end up obeying someone or something else... like a shitty marketing campaign to sell sugar water.

6/11/2013 8:43am,
For further reading on Nietzsches view on lazy contentment, look for "last men" in his "Thus spoke Zarathustra".

It should be noted though that Nietzsche did not argue against human's natural instincts and needs. Quite the contrary, human mind in his view should be used to refine the natural urges, not to overcome them. Many paragraphs in "The Gay Science" deal with this topic.

6/19/2013 8:15am,
I believe Nietzsche would argue a true human is over and above slave and master morality. Not to be a pedantic asshole:)

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Not sure why you got downvoted for that Jigga.

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