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Coach Josh
4/19/2013 10:04am,
NAGA match Dallas 2013

Turned it into a Judo match. Finished with ude garami.


4/19/2013 11:56am,
Where can i see it? I can't see any video embedded or anything....

4/19/2013 12:20pm,
This one seems likely:


I feel validated in my takedowns now. Coach obviously was way cleaner and smoother and more awesome than mine, but I use the same one as my primary takedown.

4/19/2013 12:32pm,
Yeah I found this one as well but didn't want to post in case it wasn't his and I will **** up his thread....

Liked the two take downs.
Question, did your opponent knew you are a Judo guy? Reminded me of the Brazilians 2009 when a Judo BB just steam plowed the Blue Belt absolute division by dropping people on their heads over and over.

Coach Josh
4/20/2013 7:54am,
Dam iPad didnt post my link. Thanks Kintanon

I dont think the guy knew I did Judo but he didnt want to go down easily. I wasnt looking to stand up for that long but I refuse to pull guard. I was looking to play some guard work but its what the guy wanted to do so I obliged him.

Cake of Doom
4/20/2013 9:42am,
Looked like the throws completely took your opponent by suprise which is a job well done in my book. Did he stiff arm you a couple of times in that second round?

4/20/2013 10:32pm,
Nicely done. I was a little surprised at how that guy's arm was just hanging out there begging for the udegarame. Not a common finish in BJJ?

Coach Josh
4/21/2013 10:21am,
It's very common. I find it to be my highest percentage technique. Judo guys need to start doing these tournaments. The ability to maintain top control is the most important aspect winning a match. It's a great way for any judoka to practice oseakomi against a highly skilled ground fighter.

Coupled with the time allotted for ne waza it's a real test of your skills. Learning to apply the skills you learn in this environment will guarantee success in a judo match.

Coach Josh
4/21/2013 10:25am,
Cake he was very stiff and grabbed my belt a few times. I was worried about getting countered since he was shorter than me. Plus he wasn't in any rush to get to the ground. I knew I would get the takedown points if the time got short.