4/06/2013 8:52pm,
Aliveness is between an 9-10 as for lower Kyu grades sparring is 70-80% power with thin shin pads and light gloves. For the Brown & Black belts its very Hardcore!!!

The Seidokaikan SoHonbu in Osaka is an outstanding place to develop your stand up game. There are some top instructors such as Minatoya Shihan (Andy Hug's K-1 Coach) Kakuda Shihan, Tonoka Shihan (Multiple All Japan Heavyweight Champion) Nakamoto Kancho-Daiko. Unfortunately Kin Taiei Shihan (Former K-1 fighter and current HEAT Champion) left Seidokaikan last year to set up his own gym in Osaka called Number8. As well as running Tuesday's K-1 Class Minatoya Shihan has taken over Kin Taiei Shihan's Saturday MMA class.

As well as many of the high grade students are All Japan Champions for their weight category or at least competitors at that level, AND many are PRO MMA fighter in Japan (icl. a few who are Champions).

Until you grade your first belt other students can be a bit standoff-ish but that could just be the whole Japanese 'Group' thing. But once in the intermediate class people open up. Quite a few of the Kyu grades are deceiving as they train almost every day but haven't graded for 8-17years. So their ability and skill is well beyond their grade.

There is 2 'Dojo' rooms and a basement room with a full ring, and extra Bags and conditioning equpment, and their is a fairly decent weight room.

Gradings aren't just handed out and are hard earned with a very high standard of skill. All in all for 14 classes a week an at 8,400yen a month is fair value.

Sorry for no profile pic as having trouble adding one (can't find the add photo function).

4/07/2013 8:00pm,
Awesome place it seems,

May I ask why an 7 at grappling?

4/08/2013 12:02am,
Awesome place it seems,

May I ask why an 7 at grappling?

Minatoya Shihan is an outstanding coach whether it be Karate, Kickboxing or MMA. BUT!!! There is only one MMA class p/week that is open to all students, and it's GI only (wearing a BJJ gi). The class is learning to combine your stand up game with groundwork and isn't 100% grappling focused. Which isn't a bad thing per se.

There are 'Pro Fighter' sessions week day afternoons from 12:30pm 'til around 3:30pm but those are invite only classes with some of Japan's top K-1/MMA/Kickboxing fighters and instructors (with the exception of Minatoya Shihan, these instructors don't teach in general classes). There grappling focused sessions are of a very high calibre.

Hence the 7 for grappling!