View Full Version : First MMA Match, Critiques Wanted

3/27/2013 12:17pm,
Hey everyone, I've been a lurker on this web sight for some years now, and I would like any analysis you have on my first mma match.


I know I have plenty to work on, but I would like some fresh perspective.

EDIT: I'm the one in the red gloves.

3/27/2013 1:37pm,
Just asking, which one are you?

3/27/2013 1:48pm,
His name is DrewMurphy. Video is titled "Andrew Murphy vs. Danny Quaite".

Nice win DrewMurphy. Were you saying something to the referee at 1:11?

3/27/2013 2:11pm,
@Piz And how would that help me? I`m at work, have no sound and stuff, embedded video is small...

Congratulations on the win!

- Nice take down, I wouldn't base with the hand, can injure it, love the commitment to it though!
- you avoided giving your back but only by a bit... in this situation his shoulders/head is already held in place by the cage, so focus on immobilizing his hips

Other than that, not much to go on, you kept it rather short.

3/28/2013 8:53am,
His name is DrewMurphy. Video is titled "Andrew Murphy vs. Danny Quaite".

Nice win DrewMurphy. Were you saying something to the referee at 1:11?

Yeah, she congratulated me or something, seemed rather unprofressional of her to be honest. I just told her thank you.

Franginho, I wasn't basing with my hand, that was the other fellows hand. Thanks for the tip about the hips.

4/18/2013 12:01am,
I'll chime in on the striking, since you haven't gotten any feedback on that yet.

Low Kick: Nice shot! You can make it hit much harder very easily though. You threw it from the ground up (with your foot rising from the ground all the way through to contact). If you 'chamber fist by opening your hip and bringing your thigh up to parallel with the ground (knee pointing 90 degrees off to you right) and then let the kick chop down instead of up it will be easier to connect more of your body weight at impact. Note: this will require more of a hip switch to get full range of motion (that's part of why it hits harder). It also makes the collision of shin and thigh much more damaging simply because you are striking closer to 90 degrees instead of kinda glancing and slipping up his thigh a bit (not transferring as much force).

Chamber high, chop down with the kick, turn your hips all the way through to where they are pointing 90 degrees to your left. When you get it fluid it can be almost as quick as the rising version you used but it hits hard enough to drop people because it has your whole body weight behind it.

Big Right Hook: Lots of power in that one. Too easy to see coming, don't lead with it. See how he just ducked in and none of all that nice power you developed ended up going into his face? It all just fizzled as you arm slipped over his head. But hey, not all bad, you got a clinch out of the deal. I'd like to see you throw that first punch straight down the pipe instead of as a hook. Yes it will have less power, but it will hit way more often. If you'd have thrown that one straight, even though he slipped in and ducked, you'da still probly tracked his head motion a bit and tagged him in the ear and dinged him a bit. Then he'd be a bit more flustered than from ducking under the hook and you'd still be able to take your clinch and move on to the throw if you want. OR you would now also have the option of continuing with strikes if you didn't end up in a position you felt good going for a take down from.

As it was (opting for the hook) If he'd have thrown a straight instead of just ducking he would have dinged you and maybe changed the flow of the fight. If he threw straight and you threw straight it'd likely be a wash. Don't give him the opportunity to hit you with a straight shot by going for a big hook with out disrupting him first.

After the throw I think it was just bad luck that he ended up on the fence and kinda buggered your angle to pin him with that scarf hold... You maybe could have turned in to him (as you did) a bit sooner and maybe re-established the pin with side control or knee on belly before he kinda got his base back and was able to drive back into you (which you did a good job of countering too, might have been safer to sprawl rather than pull guard, your call if you felt good about your grip for the guillotine though...). But unless you get to practice on a wall often we can't hold that one against you ; ) . What you did worked, it was just a bit of a weird transition coming off the wall.

Great work keepin' it short and congrats!