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Frostbite Vale-Tudo in Fairbanks, Alaska is a Marcelo Alonso BJJ affiliate. Our head coach Jeff Nielsen is now a black belt under Marcelo. We offer BJJ training (both gi and no gi) 5 days a week (plus open mat time on Sundays, and other team training times which are available regularly). In addition to the standard Gi BJJ classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday (6-8pm) that we've always offered, we have added No gi BJJ on Tuesdays and Thursdays (taught by a 10th Planet BJJ purple belt, so the focus is definitely on the 10th Planet system). We do offer kids MMA and BJJ training. We also offer MMA training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as boxing and wrestling training.

By the Ratings:
Aliveness (9) we do drill technique, but that technique is of little use if you can't use it under pressure. Levels of intensity are variable by experience... We're not looking to hurt each other, but expect to be pushed.

Equipment (7): We have a full cage, and a boxing ring, as well as heavy and speed bags. Additionally we have other various exercise equipment used for drills/cardio such as exercise balls and resistance bands. We also have boxing and MMA gloves that can be used during training, but you're probably going to want to go ahead and get your own.

Gym Size (8): We moved into a new location this winter, and now have 3 dedicated training rooms. The first for BJJ/Grappling, simply has mats and a couple benches. The second has our cage, and our boxing ring, as well as a matted area in between. Our basement (which is not quite done) is also matted, and holds an assortment of punching bags.

Atmosphere/Attitude (8): We help each other. The goal is for the team as a whole to grow and improve. It's common for more experienced folks to step in and help out beginners.

Striking Instruction (7): I gave us a 7 because I'm not sure what "Top Competition" really is. We are in Alaska. We have people competing in several MMA shows around the state including Solid as a Rock FC (in Fairbanks, AK), and the Alaska Fighting Championship (AFC in Anchorage, AK). The AK MMA scene has come a long way since I started (hey we had Nic Herron (from Anchorage) in the last season of TUF, so... that's progress! We offer two forms of striking instruction, MMA, and boxing. Frostbite is the new home of the Fairbanks Boxing Club.

Grappling Instruction (8): I gave us an 8 because we do full range (wrestling, bjj, and grappling for MMA), and we do compete, but there just aren't many competitions up here. Recently we had some folks compete at the 2013 Alaska State BJJ Championships, and we had a good showing. Took home only 1 gold (the other gold and bronze we got were default medals due to a lack of depth in certain divisions).

Weapons Instruction (1): We don't offer weapons instruction at this time

Monthly rates are variable in price depending on the length of the contract you sign. You can also get punch cards.

Full Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Adult Gi BJJ 6-8pm
Tuesday/Thursday: Adult No Gi 10th Planet BJJ 7-8:30

Monday/Wednesday: Adult Boxing 6-8 pm

Tuesday: Thai Pads 6-7pm
MMA 7-8:30pm

Thursday: Takedowns 6-7pm
MMA 7-8:30 pm

Kids intro to MMA Monday/Wednesday/Friday 4:45 to 5:55 pm

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We are now an official BANG Muay Thai affiliate, so our striking instruction consists of BANG Muay Thai, and boxing. MMA classes also address all aspects of an MMA fight. We have also added a Judo for Jiu Jitsu class (this is judo practiced under BJJ takedown rules, not Judo competition rules), taught by a black belt (though I'm not sure which organization(s) he's ranked under. And we've added a Shudokan Karate class on Saturday.

Here's this if anyone's interested in checking it out:


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Surely its against the rules to post a 'review' of your own gym...

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Surely its against the rules to post a 'review' of your own gym...

There's an entire section of this forum dedicated to reviewing your own gym, and most new members are encouraged to post such a review.

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Oh my bad. The way he was saying 'we' led me to believe he worked there or something.

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Oh my bad. The way he was saying 'we' led me to believe he worked there or something.

that would also not be an issue. we usually welcome the gym owner to post on the review thread as well.