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11/27/2012 2:58pm,
BVJC is where I started my Judo journey. They are on the traditional side of things (its been in existence in some form since 1938) but its primary focus in training is preparing for competition at the local level.

When I joined up I was welcomed and taken aside with one of the head instructors to start learning ukemi/breakfalling with a the other two people who had started the same day as me. That attention to safety and equipping students with the important basics of Judo is a real priority for this club.

The instructors are all experienced black belts, and Sensei Booth is a groundwork expert. I think i learned more about groundwork from Sensei Booth than I ever learned in a similar time period doing no-gi BJJ at a different local club.

There is somewhere around a 60-40 to 70-30 split for standing/groundwork, but all of the instructors are competent on the ground and are careful to emphasize the importance of being comfortable on the ground, which I appreciated. Randori is done in come capacity every training session, usually with an emphasis on whatever was taught that training session.

Prices are reasonable. Its $30 a month plus your fees for an USJF membership (I think that is what, $50-$60?).

The Judo community in the Treasure Valley/Boise area is pretty close knit and often guest instructors will come from the other schools to train or give a clinic of sorts, which is also great because there are some really talented competitors/coaches in the area.

All in all BVJC was a great place to start my Judo journey. I felt part of a community there and become a much more competent beginning grappler/judoka there.

website: http://www.bvjudo.com/index.html
there is even a picture of me throwing my brother-in-law with a messy morote seoinage in the 2012 kohaku gallery.

Feel free to ask me any questions about BVJC if you are interested.