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9/07/2012 5:17am,
I've been training Kyokushin here for a few weeks. Membership starts from 30 a month and includes access to a weights room, Judo, Muay Thai, Yoga and several other classes. The full timetable can be seen at http://www.tokeicentre.org/

The Kyokushin class is run twice a week with an additional "open mat" sparring session on Sunday mornings. I found the Sunday sessions beneficial even as a beginner as the more experienced people will adjust to spar with you and not simply maul you.

We normally spar with shinguards and gloves (usually small mma gloves rather than large boxing gloves) although the higher ranks sometimes forego such protection. Some people choose to bring their own equipment but the club does provide some.

The class generally consists of everyone practicing techniques together (Kihon), then partnering up and hitting combinations on pads followed by 20/30 minutes of Kyokushin rules sparring.

While not overly familiar or friendly the atmosphere of the club is welcoming and I feel myself fitting in as I continue training. The instructor observes everyone throughout the class and gives correction where he deems it necessary and the higher grades often correct your technique or give you advice when sparring or doing pad work.

All in all I am very happy with my training and progress here and feel I am getting an excellent deal for only 30 a month.

9/08/2012 4:50pm,
Is it possible to change the title of this thread to include "London" in it?

9/09/2012 7:17pm,
Muay Thai and Judo too?
My dear friend you have find an awesome place indeed if the instruction is minimally decent!
You also have Boxing, Freestyle Wrestling and BJJ


I envy you, have you tried any other classes besides Kyokushin?

One more thing: The gods have truly blessed you

You need to write about the Size, equipment and instructor student ratio to complete your review

9/14/2012 4:16pm,
Looks great. I'm looking for a Judo club in SE London at the mo..will have to go and check this place out.
Thanks for posting the review.