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8/19/2012 3:48pm,
I just started going to this gym about 3 weeks ago. It's on the top floor of an older building and i was a little bit put off walking up the stairs, as the rest of the building looks to have been vacant for some time. But I was pleasantly suprised, the entire top of the building is completely renovated, and is fairly decently sized.

They have a full ring, an in-house shop with everything from gloves and mouthpeices to tapout hoodies and shoes, a room full of hanging heavy bags, and a DECENT amount of weight training equipment (dumbells up to 30 lbs, a weight machine that has pullies for pulldowns, a low pully and a bench, weighted vests, a treadmill, and speed ropes).

The owner, Jose Toledo, is a soft spoken, easy-going guy, but don't let that fool you...he'll push you harder than you ever thought you could go in training. Training consists of timed rounds and different routines on the heavy bags, mitt work, hard sparring, and many sport-specific strength and conditioning routines. Personal training sessions come free with the $50/month membership fees.

There are no formal grappling classes, but me and about 4 other members are training to improve our stand-up for mma and Jose lets us use the ring when it's not in use for pick-up grappling matches.

Links to facebook page and youtube page (some fights of the gym members can be seen on the youtube page as well as training videos):
(please also note that the training videos are not from this gym, as they recently moved from ellenville, althought the instructor and the members are the same)

8/25/2012 8:42am,
Hey, just joined up at untouchables. Left my mma gym to sharpen my striking. Still would like to roll from time to time. Lmk when u guys normally roll and I'll try and stop by.