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7/31/2012 1:27pm,

I'll be reviewing my school Galveston BJJ based out of C.S.I. in Galveston TX. Some of my ratings are going to be a little off the normal based on the multitudes of programs (womens Kick boxing obviously does not have the same aliveness as mens MT or advanced BJJ classes) so bear with me a bit.

Equipment 7 - 8

Very large facility, multiple rooms, recently renovated with new mats and flooring, fairly new free weights and Heavy bags. School also has MT/KB pads and shields.

Gym Size 9

Very Large facility, some classes have dedicated spaces that do not take use of full facility as there is often multiple programs running at a time (for instance the back room is often in use for circuit training while the front is used for BJJ at the same time) during these times you could certainly make an argument for knocking down the size rating, but seriously if you have a place big enough for 10 people to run wind sprints in one room and 15 people doing bjj in another, you have a pretty big place. Dedicated locker room under construction also. Additionally there is a full size supplement shop in the front.

Instructor/Student ratio:

6 - 9

This varies by class. I have seen some classes with only a few students at a time and some with 25 plus. Head instructor teaches every class, but obviously cannot give 1 on 1 instruction 100% of the time. What I can say is have never seen someone do something incorrectly and get away with it for a class, that is to say if we are working on double legs you will be stopped and walked through it at some point if you don't get it right from the start. During smaller classes there is a signifigant amount of 1 on 1.

Attmosphere - see my desciption but we will go with a 8

Ok this depends entirely on the student, thier goals and how long/how good they are. I can really only speak for the BJJ side on this one. IF you have ever been to a serious bjj school, played football, etc. etc. You know that 90% of the guys/girls there are basically your brothers/sisters, its just the way it is. That said if you are serious about improving/competeing there are without question some fairly heated/tense moments. This is normal as with any of the above, There is occasionally a dick or an idiot that signs up but they tend to not last very long.

Striking Instruction - 7 - 8

MT class is taugh by KRU Ali, who spent a long time (like 8 years) in Thailand training MT. Womens Kickboxing is taught by Ralph Garcia who is an MMA competitor and has trained MT under a couple of diffrent instructors for 3 - 5 years. I am not really into the striking side of things so you wyou'll have to forgive my limited knowledge, however I do know that attaining the title of KRU in thailand is some.. well excuse me, but some serious ****.

Grappling Instruction - 8 - 9

I know this rating is going to seem high, but bear with me. Our head instructor is Evan Gideon, he won the mundials as a blue belt a few years ago and is originally from Lloyd Irvin Lineage, we are now affiliated with GF team out of paradign under Igor Santos, as such we take fairly regular weekly trips up to train there. I can say we have an active competition team and coach definetely knows whats going on, and i feel our tournament results (and unlike alot of instructors our coach actually competes) provide proof enough.

Weapons - o

Uhhh no.

Aliveness - 4 - 9

Again Multiple class types so this is just all over the place. I'll try to give a rating per class and an average to highest I have personally seen.

Womens Kickboxing - around a 4 but have seen it go up to about a 7 but the top end is the exception not the rule, and the ladies that go that hard WANT TO, I have never seen anyone forced to go that high, but the low end is required.

Mens MT - 6 - 8 I would imagine this is probably the norm for any legit MT program.

Begginer BJJ - 4 -5 Some complaint and non complaint drills, very limited free rolling in begginers level.

No GI BJJ - 5 - 7 Step up from Begginer BJJ, drills to start with moderate free rolling towards end of class.

Intermediate BJJ 7 - 8 high paced drills to start, very competative free rolling/tournament style matches/ and the horrid bjj gauntlet.

When we have some training for an MMA match I have seen us hit a solid 9 but again its not my thing so I don't feel comfortable really grading it.

I'll probably come back and revise this as things change or if I start doing some striking.