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7/23/2012 5:13am,
Okay I am going to give a review of Martin Ashton's Family Martial Arts Academy.
This is also true about M.A.X Training (as the academy is now called).

I found the instructors to be knowledgeable and friendly.
Martin Ashton has cross trained in various styles and even though he teaches he is still a student in other styles including BJJ and Muay Thai, which ensures that the club never becomes stale and dead.
All instructors were also honest enough to say "I don't know but I know who will..or I can find out for you" when my questions veered towards the obscure.

Other instructors at Martin Ashton's Academy also train in Krav Maga, JDK and other styles

Aliveness: 8-10
Sparring is taught in separate classes to enable those who have a fear of sparring to become "comfortable" before they enter full sparring.
(There where and are members of the club who had joined due to traumatic circumstances, these members are allowed to build trust in the instructors before sparring).
Instructors are also happy to stay back after the main timetabled classes to enable sparring sessions to continue.
Techniques are pressure tested in various ways upto and including "animal day" style tests so you can be confident that what you spend hours training works for you.

Equipment: 7
Punch Bags, Focus Mitts, Medicine Balls, Thai Pads, Weapons
The equipment available was apt for the job and cleaned and disinfected regularly, a little worn but only because some of the lads in there trained very hard. All the equipment was checked on a weekly bases to ensure that is fit for purpose.

Gym Size: 6
The gym space is in a commercial building with good parking available.
a Long Matted area (now with a boxing ring at the bottom).
There is never a problem with tripping over other people.

Instructor/Student Ratio:6
Every class is ran by a qualified instructor over seen by Martin Ashton.
Martin ensure's that the syllabus it taught but if happy for instructors to "flavor" their classes with their own personal influences

The atmosphere of the place is awesome, the students and instructors are friendly and approachable, there is an ethos of "smile, sweat and standards".

Striking Instruction:9
The Academy has produced many World Kickboxing Association National and International Champions and even one World Champion.
Pressure testing takes place monthly at gradings (where you are pushed well past you limits)

Grappling Instruction:6
Again the academy has produced many MMA local competitors who have done well for themselves. The Academy brings in various outside instructors to help teach the grappling aspects of the curriculum.

Weapons are taught from Kali Escrima to European skills of stick work, weapons training in European styles are taught in a very alive fashion.