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7/15/2012 7:25am,
I have personally competed against these guys in BJJ competition many times over, and usually lost. I visited their gym recently for an informal roll with my old nemeses.

Some of these ratings are based on my own observations from outside the gym rather than my exprience of training there. I've noted where this is the case, so interpret these parts how you like.

Aliveness: 8
Overall, excellent. There are students from this gym who regularly compete at a high level (by Australian standards) in Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and MMA. They prepare their guys very well.

Equipment: 8
New, quality equipment seems to naturally grow from the walls like rainforest ferns at VT1.

Gym Size: 7
The gym is on two levels, good amount of space.

Instructor/Student Ratio: Dunno
I have not attended a formal class.

Atmosphere/Attitude: 10
I've known these guys via competition for years. Great people, as good as it gets IMHO.

Striking Instruction: 8
I have not attended a striking class. Score is based on this:

Grappling Instruction: 9
The bitter taste of defeat compels me to give this a 9.

Weapons: Dunno
This area is where I know the least about VT1. I know they teach some kind of Krav Maga system, no idea what it's like or if they deal with weapons and whatnot. I've never been impressed with what I've seen of Krav in general, but I'd give it a go at this gym just because they rock.

Overall, I can definitely recommend this gym if you live in the area. For further info, visit their site:


And check out their youtube channel: