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7/03/2012 10:25am,
Ok I've just finished my first week at Queens MMA in Bayside, NY and I figured I'd post an initial review. While the school offers training in other martial arts, I'm only going to comment on the BJJ instruction as that is all I'm doing at the moment. I have a total of 5 months training in bjj at Serra Jitsu in Long Island, but that was back in 2005 so I'm basically a complete noob.


10 The class consists of learning a few different techniques which usually chain into each other and drilling them for 5 minutes each. I like this as it gives you enough time to get the technique down well enough to remember it when rolling. The instructor walks around the class and makes corrections and gives advice as needed. This is followed by a rolling session. 5 minute rounds for 40 minutes or so. Instructor walks around giving advice, pointing out potential moves, etc. I love going to class.


5 It's BJJ, the mats are there. The mats are clean. The mats are new. There is lots of other equipment around for the other classes so someone else can comment on that.

Gym Size

5 The whole school is around 2500 square feet. The mat space is large enough for 10 students to roll without too much interference.

Instructor/Student Ratio

7 Ratio is about 10 -15 to one. The instructor is there for the whole class. He offers plenty of advice during class.


9 I'm one month away from 40. I've got 10 to 15+ years on almost everyone in the class. They don't pick on me too much. The atmosphere is supportive... motivational... not quite a hippie love fest with chokes, but close. A great bunch from what I can tell so far.

Striking Instruction

The school offers MMA, MT and Kickboxing. I can't speak of the quality, but it looks like they work pretty hard, and spar pretty hard.

Grappling Instruction

8 Classes are taught by a rising star of Alliance JJ...Franscisco “Sinistro” Iturralde. He's young, explains the techniques very well, pushes you to do your best..great guy. Also a world champion brown belt. We also have saturday class with Zata Toscano who is Fabio Clemente's son. Another rising star purple belt. Gave a great class on saturday. Both instructors are world class competitors.

Weapons Instruction

not available

In closing, this school is while smaller is very similar to the quality of Serra Jitsu which in my opinion was top notch. Remember that I'm just a white belt, so keep my point of view in mind. Higher level grapplers might have a different opinion.

7/03/2012 11:34am,
Hey if you've got a pic of the school or instructors, post it here. Makes the review look better on the front page.

7/03/2012 2:03pm,
I will take some at my next class, but the website is www.queens-mma.com only thing is that the instructor info isnt updated.

7/17/2012 7:15am,
Update...this school is getting better by the day. Members are encouraged to compete and they have a good record.

Sinistro - Championship Titles 3x World Champion 3x Pan American Champion 2x Rio Open Champion Abu Dhabi World Pro Cup Champion CBJJ NY Open Champion CBJJ Braziliero Champion Miami Open Champion


He is also 1-0 in MMA.

The atmosphere is easygoing but we train hard. I've been pushed just about as far as I can go and I'm benefiting greatly from it.

Neo Sigma
8/15/2012 6:59am,
I guess all the cool stuff only moves in after I've left. My family lives on 73rd Avenue near Bell, maybe I'll stop in and check it out next time I'm in town to visit.

8/15/2012 12:42pm,
I guess all the cool stuff only moves in after I've left. My family lives on 73rd Avenue near Bell, maybe I'll stop in and check it out next time I'm in town to visit.

Who was teaching when you were there?

Neo Sigma
8/15/2012 10:52pm,
Oh, I've been out of NYC for ages now, that's what I meant. It was '03 when I left for college, so combat sports as a whole were still pretty niche. I would have killed to have that place open when I was younger.

8/16/2012 11:55am,
You should definitely stop by. We have three world champions training with us daily. It's awesome.

8/21/2012 6:27am,
Congratulations to Sinistro for winning double gold medals...brown belt..the Chicago open this weekend. He won both his weight class and the absolute.