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6/21/2012 11:36am,
There are various martial arts practiced in this dojo, but this is for the Shotokan group.

Aliveness: 2
Equipment: 1
Gym Size: 4
Instructor/Student Ratio: 7
Atmosphere/Attitude: 7
Striking Instruction: 6
Grappling Instruction: 1
Weapons: None (Karate-do, duh)

Overall, a good school for technique/basics training, but no good at all for sparring especially at the lower levels. Senseis are good and well qualified and one by police/self-defense academies.

First 20-30 minutes is cardio, streching, sometimes strength training. I break a sweat here and most people do.
Remainder of the class: Repetition of Kihon and Kata. It feels more like a gym than a martial arts centre sometimes. There is only periodic sparring, less than once a month. There are however drills with compliant partners and sets of kihon.So, aliveness rating isn't looking too good.

Instructors speak Arabic and some English.
Better than other Shotokan schools in Dubai, which I don't think has as big a problem with Mc Dojos as other places.

9/01/2012 1:49am,
Sounds like my dojo although with a larger gym size. What I have yet to find out (and so is you) is the training session of BBs and also if they have an extra competition session on top of that.
Its normal in shotokan to not let you spar (jiju kumite) until u are black/brown belt so we should ask the higher ranks in our dojo.

11/10/2012 7:23am,
Honestly, I tried taekwondo before when I was a kid so preferably I enjoy different martial arts and would love to try this type of karate.I am looking forward to do this soon.

11/30/2012 7:01pm,
Shotokan is a great Martial Art that is taught very gimpy nowadays.
You will have to be insane lucky to find a Dojo that practice harder than light contact sparring.
God i wish there was a Kyokushin Dojo near me.