View Full Version : Congratulations, Muchlove - Newly Minted BJJ BB

6/17/2012 11:23am,
Please join me in congratulating Muchlove on his promotion to BJJ black belt!!!

I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?5xxicq

6/17/2012 11:33am,
Congratulations on your accomplishment.

The Question
6/17/2012 1:26pm,
Big up yourself, BJJ bb Muchlove. I also aspire to greatness. Q-dot busses 2 shots in the air for you.

6/17/2012 1:27pm,
Well done sir. I can't even comprehend how many years of training and how much work must've gone into that!

6/17/2012 2:24pm,
Props to Muchlove for you great accomplishment and Good luck to you on the next part of your journey.