View Full Version : Windy 12oz BGVU gloves

Neo Sigma
5/24/2012 11:09pm,
About a year ago, my wife surprised me by getting into muay thai herself, so I gave her my old gloves and sprung for a new pair for bag/padwork. Here's my thoughts on the Windys I picked up.


Durability, 7- The stitches on both gloves on the outside edge have just started to split on me. I'd give them a lower score, but this is after almost a year's worth of heavy use. Also, the outer shell has held up nicely, especially considering my sweat ate the outside of one of the last pairs I owned. I was a little dodgy on the whole "skintex" thing, but they've been solid, especialyl considering these got worn a lot in summer. They're still perfectly usable, but I give it another month or so before the stitches blow out completely and I have to replace them. Still, not a bad run.

Flexibility/mobility, 5- Before being broken in, these glvoes were hard as a freaking rock and would actually hurt my hands a little. It took about a month's worth of steady use(and a lot of tiger balm) before they loosened up to a comfortable degree, but after that it was all good. Still, it's a hell of a break-in period.

Ease of use, 5/8- Two ratings, for before and after breaking them in. Getting them on was easy enough, but there's no way in hell you're closing these suckers on your own for the first month. They're pretty helpful for forming a tight fist, though.

Material/production quality, 8- The Velcro is still going strong, and the outer shell has no damage after a year's worth of hammering away and dealing with my acid sweat. The stitches popping are a negative, but I've also been told I hit very hard for a lightweight on account of my thunder thighs, so that might also be my fault for not getting a more appropriate glove.

Protection, 8- The wrist closure is a little tight, which is good for me because I've broken both of my wrists before. It does, however, mean that a badly-aimed punch or a half-formed fist will jack your hand up. Maybe it's just their way of telling you "Hey buddy, you suck, your hands won't hurt next time if you do it right."

Overall, if you need a cheap new pair of pad/bag gloves and you don't mind a harsher than normal break-in period, these things are a steal for 40-55 dollars. You could do way worse.