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4/19/2012 10:46am,
A while back I had an idea that WhiteShark just reminded me of in this thread (http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=116069).

The idea was to have work-appropriate attire that would also display my love of BJJ/MMA. Well, I went to work in GIMP and mocked up a few designs. Two of them I made available for purchase right away, and I have several designs waiting in the wings.


I have the ARMBAR design in navy, and wear it frequently. Aside from that, I've sold exactly 0 of these, mostly because I never got around to telling anybody that they were available.

Feedback is welcomed.

5/08/2012 9:05pm,
I really like the RNC design, very subtle. If I remember come payday I'll pick one up.

5/08/2012 9:20pm,
As a MT noob I gotta mention that Id buy a striking focused shirt. Can you make a design for an overrhand right or a cut kick?

7/03/2012 7:34pm,
I can think of a few smart subtle designs.. anyone wanna collaborate?

7/03/2012 7:36pm,
I meant for muay thai / kickboxing / etc

7/03/2012 8:45pm,
Looks good. And a good Idea.

(it took me about five minutes to figure out the rear naked.)

7/03/2012 8:52pm,
Looks good. And a good Idea.

(it took me about five minutes to figure out the rear naked.)

Put two dots on the shoulders and a "Hands higher than here" logo?

The Question
7/03/2012 9:15pm,
Alright, here comes the feedback.

There is a fine line between subtle and obscure motherfucking logo. Perhaps if **** gets really popular among practitioners then it will be like a cool inside detail or something so motherfuckers can recognize each other by attire. And say "oh, you got the armbar shirt, fucking cool son", or rather "Old chap, I see you're smartly clad in your "Armbar" attire, jolly good show".

Cool idea. Needs some better designs though.