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3/17/2012 2:33am,
tel 410-768-5585
337e hospital drive
Glen Burnie MD 21061

Grand Master Hyo Gun Bai some website have him as
Hyo Keun Bai his Brother is Grand Master Won Keun Bai
and Hyo has A son that runs a school in Atlanta GA. his name is Bruce Bai and is master at this time but in a few short years there be 3 grand Masters in there family at same time as long as Hyo and Won stay alive. and i been lucky to have met all 3

9th in Tae Kwon Do
9th in Kum Do
9th in Hap Ki Do [ Han Moo Do]

Teaches all 3 arts. Gym Size 6.5 atmosphere 10

also does summer camp and after school program for kids 4 and up

Tae Kwon Do has 4 class levels for adults and kids

white to orange Belt level aliveness 1 instructor 6
equipment 1 weapons 1
striking 4 grappling 3

Orange to Purple Belt Level aliveness 3 instructor 7
equipment 5 weapons 3
striking 6 grappling 5
Purple to Semi Black belt level
aliveness 6 instructor 8
equipment 5 weapons 3
striking 6 grappling 6
Semi Black Belt and up level
aliveness 8 instructor 10
equipment 5 weapons 3
striking 8 grappling 8
Hap Ki Do is a smaller classes size vs Tae Kwon Do Classes
and only 2 to 3 time week unlike 6 times a week for Tae Kwon Do

Grand Master Bai Runs this one him self at night the day one is run by a lower belt but is a mix class with tae kwon do . for thoses that work at night.
aliveness 10 instructor 10
equipment 5 weapons 1 black belts 5
striking 6 black belts 8
grappling 8

Kumdo cost the most to start with 2 swords and the heavier outfit

aliveness 6 instructor 10
equipment 7 weapons 5
striking 1 grappling 1

costs 90 a month for Tae Kwon Do
costs 95 a month for Hap Ki Do
costs 110 for Kum Do

now i take Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do and pay 145 month
so u get a better deal for more then one arts or paying for more then person. as in if two want to come to the school and one is paying the payer gets a deal. if i get in to Kum Do or add another person it be 200 a month

3/17/2012 5:02am,
now i did the rating base on my judgement of what i seen and know. and i think its fair base on how that rating system here is. i might gone a bit over borad with more dteail by class levels and arts

Now most think that i just doing this cause i go to his school no id did this to get more info out on my Grand Master. heck when i 1st came in to his place i tough he was just a master and school head. not till later that night did i fine out he was a grand master. and then after 2 months i was sitting in the waiting area waiting for Hap Ki Do class when a old Asian guy sat next to me ask about Hap Ki Do and if i like it i said yes and i told him how i got in to it and he smiled and he wave to Grand Master Hyo Bai and when my Grand master came over he said Ahh Brother and hugged. i look at him and said i should have notice but was to focus on the class to come to see the likeness of them. and Won Bai smile its ok and said if i moved to New Jersey he be Happy to teach me.

one day after class i was about to get on my bike and ride home it was dark and it was 70" and i had night gear but Grand master bai says no no no and asked if my dad will come pick me up and i say hes on a job and grand master bai said he take me home and toss my bike in his truck adn locked the school up and off when went next day i was talking to the head instructor and he told me that one day grand master bai grab him and lift him up put him back in the school cause he didnt see the instructor's car thinking he walk home but show that the instructor's wife was in another car waiting for him.
heck one day he toss his jacket on me walk me to my day truck cause he though i was going catch a cold. when it down to 50" and didnt bring my jacket that day.

3/17/2012 7:43am,
Sounds like a pretty caring guy.

3/19/2012 9:56am,
KefkaLLTS, I'm glad that you are having fun working out. It seems like they have a nice atmosphere. How old are you?

3/20/2012 1:12am,
37 years old

3/23/2012 4:36pm,
Kefka, Is English your first language?

3/26/2012 4:45am,
yes my spelling ,typing and basic writing is not very good. when i was in Grade School i was put in special ed. classes for math at 1st then after missing alot of school for fighting cancer at a young age . and my teachers did not help me as much do to there was others that was unable to keep up with the class so the class had to wait for the those that are having harder times then me and others. this was more so in my English lit. classes.

i was able to get near 10th grade math ,read collage level , history was and still is my best subject i was even offer a asst. researcher job at John Hopkins but i turn it down do to transportation issues when i got my High School diploma.

after high school i went to Work for A taco Bell franchise 1st a a reg. crew member later i ended up training not just other crew members but Mgt. as well. heck i was so go at what i did i had Impressed a Japanese diplomat when he had a hard time trying to pick some Mexican food for him self and a meeting i took the time to make samples of all the food and let him try it and and pick what he wanted. later that week i had 3 diplomats ask for me to help them pick some thing out for there lunch meeting thing was they where Russian . this started a thing for about 2 years every few months i had some diplomat asking for me to help them.