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4/03/2004 11:12pm,
What the hell is up with this school? Specifically, this quote:

"Shotokan karate is a non-contact style of Japanese karate. Participants gain all the benefits of the martial art, without the injuries that are often associated with "kick-boxing" style karate. We test our skills on punching and kicking equipment, not on each other."

Read the original here:


I would laugh my dick off if a martial arts instructor said this to my face. "non-contact" my ass. . .

4/03/2004 11:14pm,
Non Contact, we simply use harsh language against our opponents to make them comply.

4/03/2004 11:19pm,
KC, you have to start looking at some of the websites for these schools in Albuquerque. I had no idea you and I lived in the "Would you like fries with that Black Belt?" center of the MA universe. I better go watch one of my PRIDE DVDs to get the taint off of my mind. . .

4/03/2004 11:22pm,
Check this one out vargas, I emailed this dork: http://www.ma-trainingsystems.com/home.html

4/03/2004 11:23pm,
I asked him about his "Best coaching in town line" he said he actuall ment to say best JKD Instruction in town.

4/03/2004 11:24pm,
Well, that's the same thing, right? ;)

4/03/2004 11:25pm,
Referring to the Shotokan junk: It's pretty clear from the website that whatever is taught there is meant to be exercise and not a fighting discipline. I have no idea if this is indicative of Shotokan as a whole. At least the school seems up-front about its aims. I guess each to his own...

4/03/2004 11:29pm,
The reason I find the guys website I mentioned so funny is because he trained with my old instructor, Alberto Crane BJJ, and I would tap him all the time, he really sucked and shouldn't even mention anything about teaching grappling training. Alberto did a seminar there, but still said the guy should only teach what he knows.

4/03/2004 11:32pm,
Funakoshi was against free sparring :(

4/03/2004 11:33pm,
Karate, the "Way of the Empty Hand", is the path to self-development. Karate is best known as a Japanese method of self-defense, but self-defense is only a by-product of true Karate training. Karate develops character through training, so that the practitioner learns to surmount any obstacle, tangible or intangible.

Bwahahaha. Why is it that everything has to develop "character"? If your a dick karate isn't going to magically change you, only make you disguise it during class. If your a ***** to begin with this guy is only going to grow you another.

4/03/2004 11:38pm,
It's cool, I should have explained that earlier when I posted the address.

4/03/2004 11:41pm,
KC, this guy does know who Greg Jackson is, doesn't he? If anyone is going to claim 'Querque, it's Greg.

4/03/2004 11:41pm,
Osiris, points taken, but it seems to me that fighting skills take a back seat to fitness and enjoyment at the school, and it seems clear to me at least. I don't why this is really a problem. After all, parents take their kids to little league baseball so they can have fun, not train them to be future professional league baseball players.

Now, if the guy stated that those training methods were the most effective and efficient, then there would cause for alarm.

4/03/2004 11:45pm,
I think he does know him, or at least about him, but he still makes these outlandish claims, I'm going to go over to his school next weekend and have a "talk" with him, I know him somewhat, and he didn't seem like a jackass the last time I conversed with him, I just want him to take that crap off of his website.

4/03/2004 11:45pm,
Yeah the whole thing sounds like typical mystic bullshit to me. Typically found in karate schools.Karate guys are so clueless. I admit your there to train not maim but full contact (controlled full contact) necesessary to put your skills to the test where it counts. What is karate ? Striking with hands,feet,elbows,knees. Striking pads and punching bags is all very fine,punching and kicking the air will only get you so far,doing ridiculous kata using techniques which will get you killed is a waste of time.Full contact sparring is necessary,due to injuries you may not be able to do it all the time but you can when you should.

4/04/2004 1:09am,
Well, Hannibal, you killed this thread deader than hell. And brother, you really need to learn how to use that 'space bar' thingy. . .