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10/17/2011 7:55pm,
The Dojo is run by Kevin Hancey, a third degree bb under Charles Gaylord, and certified by Master Toddy in Muay Thai. Kevin is not a MT teacher, but is certified and has spent time in Vegas.

The Dojo spends about 2/3rds of lessons on MT type drills, 1/3rd Kajukenbo "hard style." Gaylord method and MT blend well. Sparring gets out of hand with injuries, KO's and people quiting.

We do not say the Kaju prayer.


9 - KO's and injuries aren't exactly unknown, sparring has gotten out of control a couple times. It would be a ten if sparring was done more often


Half cage and enough mat area for 15+ people. And several big bags, gloves and hand pads

Gym Size:

5: OK

Instructor/Student ratio: Good, usually 1/8


6-8: Open, supportive but challenging, somewhat dangerous (I wrote a whiny thread about uke not going by rule set).

Striking. 7 - workouts are pretty much 1/2 doing combo on guy with body and hand pads, then combo + another technique for a half hour, then maybe a variation for another half hour. There are some boxing drills line clothesline. Quite a bit of advice on distancing and striking.

Grappling Instruction
1 or 2. There is some JJ and Judo in Kaju and some schools blend it into their self defense drills at a very high improvisational level. The Dojo only seems to work some takedowns and while some guys roll, there's no ground instruction. Being a Charles Gaylord lineage though, the take downs are drilled darn pretty hard and in sparring, can be done too hard. There doesn't seem to be the Judo training that I got, where instructor said, "You have to save the guy you are throwing. You have to put them down with awareness. You can go real hard and fast with people that are hard and fast." He'd illustrate the same throw in "safe" ways and self defense ways that inpacted the neck, head, shoulders etc etc.


1. Few and not emphasized.

In conclusion, The Dojo does teach good self defense skills.

12/05/2013 3:59pm,
Out of business: Kevin teaches sd at USU these days