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Long Duk Dong
8/15/2011 9:16am,
Greetings, programs. I just ordered a pair of 16oz. Windy gloves on the recommendation of my instructor. I ordered thinking that all Windy gloves were made with leather but I'm finding out that the pair I ordered were actually from a line called BGVU and are made out of something called Skintex.

Anyone have a pair of these? What are your thoughts? These things cost an awful lot and the word from my instructor was "You'll never have to buy another pair of gloves." if I followed his instructions. High quality leather gloves I can understand, but I don't know if this Skintex stuff is of a lower quality. The gloves were certainly priced up there with leather gloves but I can't seem to find a product review of these particular gloves out there.

12/01/2011 11:16am,
I have been trying to find a comparison, but haven't had any luck myself either.

2/02/2012 5:51pm,
Dear Long Duk Dong,

I am Cor, owner of Windy Fight Gear and Windy Boxing.
The skintex gloves you bought I always advise to beginners; never to advanced or professional fighters. Even if they are good quality and have a 3 month warranty, the pros must go for the bgv bgp or bgn leather gloves.

About the expensive price: I don’t know where you bought them, but the price must be around $39 without shipping. Maybe this is expensive for you, but for a glove from Thailand it is really cheap. If you need more help, you can contact me any time via private message on this forum.

Best regards cor

Omega Supreme
2/02/2012 6:56pm,
Hello Mr. Windy; can I edit your post?

2/02/2012 10:46pm,
Sure if there is a need.

Omega Supreme
2/02/2012 11:00pm,
There you go.