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Conde Koma
7/22/2011 5:23pm,
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v639/dboyzero/Captain_America_The_First_Avenger_poster-1.jpgCaptain America: The First Avenger
USA, 2011
Genre: Action, Superhero, Science-Fiction
125 minutes

Chris Evans stars as the American super soldier, out to stop the fearsome Red Skull from using superior technology to take over the world.

Captain America: The First Avenger, the latest in Marvelís line of blockbuster franchise adaptations, pulls out all the stops in getting the fans riled up for the Avengers film next year. Directed by Hollywood veteran Joe Johnston, he manages to combine everything needed to produce a quintessential comic book movie and does so beautifully. It functions well as a sort of adventure period film, with the background of WW2 and a touch of self-aware silliness. The visual effects are generally fantastic, as are most Johnston movies, with the exception of some hokey green-screening for a pulp action feel. It doesnít look great, but it fits the aesthetic and tone of the story. The digital alteration of Chris Evans into a 90 pound weakling is particularly impressive, and while not perfect, demonstrates how far special effects have come.


Not really known for his acting prowess, Evans shines in the best role of his career. His role as Steve Rogers is both awkward and charming, incredibly All-American without being obnoxious about it. No stranger to superhero films, the difference here is the fantastic script by the team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The dialogue is funny and ridiculously entertaining, yet amazingly subtle and nuanced when it needs to be. This is exactly the kind of writing that fits the superhero genre, and allows the entire cast to reach their greatest potential. Hugo Weavingís Red Skull exemplifies this balance between the cartoonish and genuine, taking a comic book supervillain and making it work with depth and character. Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips could have been just another military stereotype, but somehow exists as more than that, feeling completely in touch with the environment around him. Everything is tight and polished, from the performances to the plot, and is definitely one of the best written superhero movies to date.

Johnston knows his action, and it all comes together here. The choreography isnít particularly sophisticated or elegant, but itís a solid piece of work, and gets the job done well. The effects add flash and style to the already potent pyrotechnics, blending the CGI and practical effects wonderfully. Captain America is a fantastically fun film, and is certainly the strongest action movie to come out this summer. Whether youíre a fan of the comics or not, if you plan to see only one blockbuster this season, make this the one.


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7/23/2011 9:26am,
Awesome movie. Been reading cap for 25 years and I was worried, but Evans and the rest of the cast really delivered.

7/23/2011 7:38pm,
my son and I really enjoyed it....great flick....

It is Fake
7/23/2011 8:11pm,
Much better than I thought it would be from the initial trailers and stills. My only complaint was Caps fighting. Even his shield use was much better than I expected.
Oh boy, I hope this means we get The Winter Soldier in one of the next 2 movies.

7/24/2011 12:04pm,
Putting the winter soldier in a sequel has been mentioned by the director and producer.

I just pray the Avengers is as good as I hope it will be before I start worrying about the individual sequels to Thor and Cap.

It is Fake
7/24/2011 12:06pm,
I hope so because they set it up well. The death of Cap and the Winter Soldier were the best stories in years.

Boy, I love the new suit for cap.

7/24/2011 2:04pm,
awesome movie. was way better than green lantern...

i envision the next cap movie to have a mystery man hounding cap, carrying out assassinations, etc and nobody can figure out who he is. In the final fight at the end of that film, the big reveal will be that its the winter soldier.

movie three will then be getting the winter soldier back.

7/24/2011 10:15pm,
I hope so because they set it up well. The death of Cap and the Winter Soldier were the best stories in years.

Boy, I love the new suit for cap.

I thought they set up The Winter Soldier well too.

But I'm not sold on the idea of Bucky as the "new" Cap.

They've already changed the suit for the Avengers. Still not bad:


It is Fake
7/24/2011 10:22pm,
Yes, that's what I mean. I don't like the CA Movie suit. I like the one they have on display at the SDCC.

You must not be reading Fear Itself. Winter Soldier was a good Cap for the storyline.

Snake Plissken
7/24/2011 11:21pm,
Yes, that's what I mean. I don't like the CA Movie suit. I like the one they have on display at the SDCC.

did you go to Comicon?

It is Fake
7/24/2011 11:29pm,
No they had pictures online. I missed the time period I wanted to attend. Back when sketches were free and everyone wasn't trying to make a buck.

$175 next year? No way.

Snake Plissken
7/24/2011 11:34pm,
The boy decided he wanted to go a couple of days ago. Bought some tix on Craigslist and just when we were wrapping up today, we got flagged as having counterfeit tickets and had to file a police report before we were booted.

But yeah, I hear you. I should message you a picture I have from my first SDCC of Mr. T.

7/25/2011 6:51pm,
I really enjoyed the movie also. Only thing I would have added to the movie would have been a little more with him waking up in the present, and him encountering some of the characters from his time in the present. Especially his love intrest.

7/25/2011 6:55pm,
I can't wait for The Smurfs!

7/25/2011 10:07pm,
This comes out this week here (not the smurfs, Cap) and I'm excited. I've already lined up my siblings to come see it with me (Because I asked my uni friends if they wanted to come and they asked who Captain America was. Their reaction to a comic book adaption was less than pleased :(

I, however, can't wait.

Conde Koma
7/25/2011 10:09pm,
if your friends like action movies, drag them along anyway, i think they'll be pleasantly surprised.