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Conde Koma
4/09/2011 12:31am,
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v639/dboyzero/your-highness-poster-1.jpgYour Highness
USA, 2011
Genre: Action, Adventure, Medieval Fantasy, Comedy
102 minutes

Danny McBride and James Franco star in this adventurerís parody, off to rescue the princeís bride and find some good herbs along the way.

From director David Gordon Green, who brought us 2008ís Pineapple Express, comes the latest genre comedy, Your Highness. Lampooning fantasy films of the 80s and 90s, it feels both like a parody as well as a fond tribute. There are numerous tropes and homages to classic adventure and fantasy movies from the past, giving the sense that Green definitely grew up with and appreciates those films. The visuals are incredibly strong, something I was not expecting walking into the theater. The costumes and settings were not exactly historically accurate, with a mix of pieces from all over European history, but I imagine not too many history buffs take much offense from the mix up. Still, that aside, everything looked gorgeous, from the on location greenery to the amazing village sets. Creature effects by Spectral Motion looked incredible, and there was a very solid combination of digital and practical effects. The score is very genre savvy, and adds to the feeling of nostalgia for classic questing films.


Green stated in interviews that there was a great deal of improvisation during filming, but it certainly doesnít feel like it on screen. The actors play off each other well, and the dialogue flows well between everyone. McBride and Franco play their roles with gusto, although I feel like Natalie Portmanís heroine definitely deserved more screen time. The bigger issue is whether this is your sort of humor at all, in which case you may have already decided whether youíre going to see this or not. Itís an extremely ridiculous and vulgar movie, stuffed from both ends with penis jokes, sex jokes, and plenty of drug references from start to finish. That said, I was surprised that I found it so funny. Itís juvenile, itís crass, itís about as over the top as it can possibly be, and yet it all just works. For what it wants to be, it accomplishes everything with pride and style.

Another surprise for me was the quality of the action in this film, which was much better than most spoofs would have bothered with. The fights are well choreographed and performed, although the photography is only just decent. Still, working with some great visual effects and solid editing, it all works out pretty well. Your Highness is a faithful tribute and ribbing of those old fantasy tales, making it more like a Shaun of the Dead than a Disaster Movie. Honestly, chances are that if you liked the trailer, youíll like the rest of the movie. That said, I was not expecting to enjoy it, but found myself laughing right along with the rest of the theater.


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4/11/2011 2:22am,
I enjoyed it, but I'm also basically a child. It really depends on the maturity of your humor.

The fight scenes were very solid for a comedy movie too, and plus Natalie Portman DAT ASS.

Hiro Protagonist
4/11/2011 4:10am,
Relation to martial arts where???

4/11/2011 4:18am,
Uhh, WMA? I don't know...

Will wait for this to go to DVD and rent it when it moves from the 'New' to 'Weekly' shelf. Even then maybe not, it looks lame and I actually love the quest genre.

4/11/2011 5:23am,
Natalie Portman's ass you say? hmmmm :-)

Conde Koma
4/11/2011 11:15am,
hate to disappoint, but it's possible that it's portman's stunt double. she said she had the double do the swim, not sure about the disrobing segment.

also, yes, WMA and action films of all sort fall under my "what i want to review" umbrella.

It is Fake
4/11/2011 11:24am,
Relation to martial arts where???WMA and Phrost wants action films reviewed comedy or not.

Conde Koma
4/11/2011 1:51pm,
heads up: next week i'm reviewing Super and Win Win, neither of which can really be called "martial arts movies." (well, win win could be, i guess, but it's really more of a sports movie dramedy)

Hiro Protagonist
4/11/2011 1:55pm,
I thus condemn you all for destroying the previously impeccable purity of this martial arts contending website; regarding the movie Condy might know he already sold me with this sentence:

It’s an extremely ridiculous and vulgar movie, stuffed from both ends with penis jokes, sex jokes, and plenty of drug references from start to finish.

Can't wait to see it!