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Omega Supreme
4/03/2011 7:21pm,
Grip to Sub; Stephen Koepfer


I love the format of these videos. This has got to be the most inovative way to video instruct that I've ever reviewed. Of course that does not really address the actual instruction of Master of Sport; Stephen Koepfer, but I will get to that in a bit. This video set up works like a map rather than an actual video where you have to keep going back to referencing the technique that was designed to set up the chain of events layed out before you. The strategies are layed out in a tree format allowing you to follow the path you are most inquisitive about.

As to the instruction Coach Stephen is brilliant, as usual. He is very anticipatory with his instruction and quick to point out some of the more common mistakes players can make. I recommend these group of videos for the above average player though. I took the time to allow my assistant coaches attempt to learn the instruction without guiding them to see how well they could follow the instruction. The result was about 50/50. Much of the leverages had to be fully explained, which is actually quite typical for most video instruction. On the other hand the strategies were easy to follow. You could see the students and coaches already starting to use the strategies in class, and for obvious reasons, the coaches caught on faster. As pointed out in the videos, when students failed to follow the advice given the throws and moves would tend to fail.

In my personal opinion these grip entries would be excellent for those looking to expand their throwing game; specifically getting players to enter the mindset of follow up after their throws. One of the interesting things I found with my students is there adapting of the grip entries to their current game. Even the way they entered grip while on the ground. On the down side I would not advise going any further than the initial entry strategies until these entries have become second nature. After that it opens up many possibilities and strategies that should work into most players games and expand from there.


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4/03/2011 7:44pm,
Thanks for the review Omega!

Omega Supreme
4/03/2011 7:54pm,
For those non members reading this review. These are my credentials.
Active in Martial Arts since 1978
Several advanced blackbelts including Judo and Jiu Jitsu.
Hold rank in Combat SAMBO and currently coach an active MMA team.
Professional fight record of 13-2-0 amateur fight record of 4-1.

4/05/2011 12:42am,
this may sound like me kissing ass and all! what the hell! this guy is great! saw his videos posted on the submissions 101 youtube channel! even checked out his youtube account! all i can say is he is the bomb! cant wait to try his stuff on the mat!!!

4/05/2011 4:00am,
thanks omega, im gonna have to check it out!

4/05/2011 1:17pm,
Thanks jojo. Glad you like the stuff.

4/06/2011 11:07am,
looks great.... Will have to check it out the vids... Steve is a great coach and a great guy

Snake Plissken
4/06/2011 11:21am,
During the preview, it looks like you show the same entry from various angles, is that correct and is that consistent throughout the video?

4/07/2011 5:46pm,
Yes, everything is shown from front, back, left and right...and in slow motion.

Thanks Phil!

11/11/2011 12:31pm,
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11/11/2011 3:58pm,
I've met Steve at NYC Throwdowns. His students are always top tier talent and Steve is a natural coach. I will be picking up these videos.

11/12/2011 9:15am,
I've met Steve at NYC Throwdowns. His students are always top tier talent and Steve is a natural coach. I will be picking up these videos.