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3/17/2011 9:59am,
In preparation for Pan Ams I decided to get a new, light weight gi for the tournament. One of my friends had recently bought a Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear rip stop gi, and had absolutely loved it. You can find his review of it here. After looking at their website and reading about their competition gi I decided to buy one and try it out. The great thing about Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear is that when you order one thing from them they will occasionally send you promotional codes for free shipping, free gifts, or discounted prices off of their gear. Believe me it is nice to get free shipping or whatever

I ordered mine on a Tuesday and got it on Saturday. That was with 7 day shipping, so getting it in less time was a big bonus. The gi came in a rip stop drawstring bag, and with a free gi material wallet. Those were a few nice bonuses. Nice way to sweeten the deal JJPG! I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new gear. I immediately pull out the gi and am surprised by how light it is. Because I am about 5’3” and compete at 129 with my gi on I got the A1 gi. I could have gone with the A0 but, if it shrank too much it could have been a problem. I put on the A1 and it was a little long, but nothing a good warm wash won’t fix.

Note: the gi and the website warn that shrinking may happen, and tell you how to minimize shrinking that may happen with your gi.

The pants actually had a feature that was new to me, instead of just two loops for the drawstring there were actually 4 to help keep it in place. The pants have a to patches, on that has the size and washing guidelines on the hip. It also has a Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear patch down the leg. After washing it the pants shrank about an inch to an inch and a half. In defense of the gi, I washed it warm and dried it warm to make it shrink. The knees are reinforced, as well as the seams on the cuffs of the pant legs.

The gi jacket is simple. there are two patches that say Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear on the shoulders, but other than that there is space for team patches. sponsors patches, etc. The jacket is made with one piece of cloth, and it has a shorter ‘skirt’ on the bottom of the gi. It is a single weave gi which makes it completely legal for IBJJF tournaments. Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear does say they have a specific cut to their gi’s with “extra room in jacket's shoulders, underarms and back as well as extra room in pants for comfort and mobility” The space is there but it is not baggy. After washing it twice, it has shrunk to my preferred length.

I tried out the gi on Monday night class, it was a little stiff, but I hadn’t washed it yet, so it had the new gi feel to it. It was super light which was great because it was a hard practice and after rolling for over an hour straight, I has hot, but I didn’t feel like I was suffocating in the gi. It is extremely comfortable, and durable. A full week of training and it dries quickly, stands up to me being probably the smallest adult in class, and I don’t feel held back by it. The price of the gi is pretty great as well, the White gi is priced at $119.95, the blue, navy, and black gis are $129.95. For the price and quality of the gi I am very happy. I think I will be buying mostly Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear from now on.

There are pictures of it on my blog if you would like to check it out there http://navitabjj.blogspot.com