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1/01/2011 2:28pm,
IKCA Kenpo Club

Basic club meetings consist of:
Technique/form, some conditioning, camraderie (ie bullshitting), interwoven ideas/concepts exploration, occasional 2 min continuous sparring, and occasional spontaneity drills.

Applications of techniques are explored.

If you know a technique, and you want to share and demonstrate, you're always welcome to.

Questions are always welcomed.

Kenpo system that's uniform around the world.

The IKCA Kenpo is a hybrid of Ed Parkers Kenpo, which is a cross of Dragon & Tiger Kung Fu.

Club meets:
Tuesday / Thursday
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Open*
*Come in any time during the 5-9 hours.

Omega Supreme
1/01/2011 2:52pm,
No website yet?

1/01/2011 3:48pm,
Here's the IKCA Website: http://www.karateconnection.com/

As far as for myself, nope. It's a club, I'm not a web designer, and don't have the money for one to be created for the club.

Feel free to add me on facebook. My name is: Vincent Gamble Email: [email protected]

6/03/2011 2:43pm,
New Hours...
Club meets:
Monday / Thursday
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Open* -if clas goes over, it goes over, no big deal.
*Come in any time during the 6-8 hours.