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12/31/2010 1:38pm,
Western Youth TKD is an excellent Dojang and great place for both adults and teens. I went to a couple different martial art schools before and I finally find a school that is not commercial, but provide an excellent training and the instructor there will push their student to their limits. It is a good school if you are really into Taekwondo/martial art or serious in Martial art training

Regular Class Routine
Class is 1.5 hours long, with at least 15 mins warm-up. Warm up will be either 15 mins non-stop running, sprint or their regular set of warm up routine which is (10 laps run, 10 sprints, frog jump, jumps, knee kick..etc). After that, student would have their stretching for 10-15mins, which include front, side and middle sprint. The instructor push a lot in stretching( I can do a split on the ground after training with him for 6 months) Warm up and stretching usually lead by the higher belt in that class (usually by a colour belt student, Probation Black belt), instructor will be at the back and help individual student if they need assistance. The reason of having colour belt to lead is to provide opportunity for the student to learn how to lead and develop their leadership skills before they reach black belt.

After warm-up & stretching, it will be target kicking, sparring drills, competitive pattern, flips, which basically depend on what the instructor want to teach on that day. Before competition, class would concentrate more on form/pattern and do more sparring. For pattern, instructor will correct student's posture, stance one by one and make sure it is correct.
Self-defense (grappling, throwing) is usually for higher belt students or in adult class. At least 3 times a month, we practice something like carewheel, front flip, handstand, rolling, to strengthen our arm and practice for demonstration.

The best things in this school is that you don't have to pay your membership by year or sign any contract up front, you can choose to purchase membership by month, 3-months, 6-months / yearly, and discontinuous any time you want. Of course the membership is cheaper if you purchase a yearly membership, like it would be less than $1000/year.

Grading/Belt test
Belt Test occurs once every 3 months, by our grandmaster.
Students are allow to sign up for double promotion but there is no guarantee you can get it. Instructor will fail student if they perform really bad in the Test. Testing is extra cost - like $50-$80 per level.

Head Instructor/ School owner
(Instructor/ class ration is 10 because it is small and a lot of attention from head instructor)

Our head instructor, also as the school owner, is a only a 3rd Dan black belt (Something between the grandmaster and him, not sure why he never got his 4th Dan test). He is a West Indian-Canadian, who had trained in different martial art since he was 8. For me, i never thought of the different or have any problem with his rank as long as he is serious on his teaching.
I was taught by a grandmaster in another Martial art before, but they never push or give a training like him. But some people walked in the door and said they don't want to learn TKD by a non-Korean, trust me, there are quit a few people said that and think like that.

Another thing is our head instructor will push his students to their limits and is strict when it comes to training, like kids / students would have to do push-up or handstand on wall if they didn't take training seriously. He wont hesitate to tell you how bad it is when you did something wrong. class is fun and the student are disciplined as the same time, which create a good training atmosphere.

Class Ratio
The school is pretty new (9 months), and it has only like 10 people in total (perhaps of its' location) , so class size would be around 1: 5. Instructor have more personal attention to each student.

School is a ITF-style TKD school. For sparring, we allow to punch to the head. For regular sparring practice, student wear WTF-sparring gear, we allows to hit hard becoz our instructor believes " you have to take a hit before you learn how to fight". Before competition, we would practice with ITF-sparring gear which is glove and boot only (Head gear for 18 and under).

Since the school is pretty small, unlike other school which work like a gym (you come and go, without knowing other students much), i feel like a team with other students in western youth TKD. The only negative things is because the school is new, most student are beginner, and there is not many training partners for higher belt students.

WTF approved Mat.
Punching bags + targets
Flipping mats.
Everyone need their sparring gears for practice, but there are extra gears for lower belt/ beginner.

The school is more competition-focus school.
It is a very good school, but too small and not enough people in training. Like sometimes, there are only 1-2 student show up.

The school participates in 5 tournaments in that last 8 months.
Not a lot of self-defense so far, perhaps is because not enough higher belt student, but there is a set of self-defense form/routine for testing.