Eversafe MRE

The unboxing and eating of Eversafe MREs ordered directly from Wornick!
  1. Anticipation!
  2. Chemical heater is same as in GI MRE
  3. I heat the beef
  4. Accessory pack always seems to contain the instant coffee, which is nice, but no gum.  Also, no hot beverage bags.
  5. The box is opened!
  6. Yum yum! Protein and carbs with vitamin supplementation!
  7. It's nice to have a plate to serve the food on.
  8. It looks like the cheese spread, peanut butter, and snack has generally been replaced with a packet of M&Ms or skittles.  Otherwise, it's similar to...
  9. The entrees still have the propaganda, which is one of my favorite parts.
  10. The same entree as the GI version.
  11. Contents of Eversafe MRE bag
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