ATX Spar-BQs

Beating, Choking and Eating
  1. Ninjer, please!
  2. Me and JNP Sparring
  3. Dang whipper snappers!
  4. Hmm, I wonder what he's going to do with that arm he trapped?
  5. Dang, he locked down my arm before I could bump and scoot.
  6. OK, OK, just defend against the mount, slide my left arm under and try and slip out the back door.
  7. Crap!
  8. Hey, this seems to be working out OK so far.
  9. Oh ****, I better try and get on top before this turns ugly.
  10. WTF am I doing trying a lame single leg attempt on a former wrestler and purple belt in BJJ?
  11. Hey mister, do you wanna do some stick fighting?
  12. Gwyneth likes Daddy's BBQ
  13. 100 2076
  14. Spar-BQ = Throwdowns Texas Style
  15. Rolling at Tao of Texas
  16. Won't anyone stick fight with me?
  17. Nothing says "courtesy" more than a swift kick to the mid section
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